A&G Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd: Growing since 1955.

Our Story

From Seed to Soil to You

The Lamattina Group was established in 1955, and has been supplying fresh, top quality Australian-grown produce to fruit and veggie shops and supermarkets since then. We started the business simply because we love growing veggies, maybe it’s just our Italian heritage.

Our recipe for sucess? We love our land and what we do. We’ve perfected the art of growing great produce through innovative farming techniques, combined with the sort of knowledge that’s only gained through years of experience. Our reputation has been built on our decades-long focus on quality over quantity. This has always gone hand in hand with the hard work of a proud, dedicated family—a promise from our family to yours.

We’ve spent generations perfecting the flavours and quality, selecting the best of breeds, as well as protecting and developing our natural soils. We know how essential fresh, premium vegetables are to everyone’s daily life.

That’s why everything that we pull from the soil has a purpose. We also keep an eye on the future of our land—and our planet. If a bunch of celery doesn’t make it into your basket, it’s guaranteed to be used in another way. It will never be wasted.

Furthermore, our family believes that food should be a great experience—something that can be admired, felt, tasted, smelled, often heard (crunch) and always loved.

6 Hour Fresh

Our Snackin’ Stix and celery sticks are harvested, cleaned, cut into sticks, cleaned again, then made Ready to Eat and packed into convenient bags. We chill the bags and have them loaded onto a truck, heading to you, all in 6 Hours. That’s our guarantee.