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Washington Crosses the Delaware – Celery Sticks

George Washington crossed the Delaware River on the night of December 25-26 in 1776 during the American Revolutionary War, a surprise attack against Hessian forces. It was a challenging and dangerous operation that ultimately led to the defeat of British reinforcements. This recipe is nowhere as logistically difficult, but we like to think it’s just as satisfying… No? Not an American history nerd? That’s alright. This celery snack is true “adulting”: a little fancy, though not too fancy, easy to switch up, healthy, and yummy, all while making you feel good about yourself. Or as great fingerfoods for your next big party. Or march them out as a fun, delicious way to get your kids to eat more fruit and veggies. Now you’re ready to ford that river.

Figs, Mandarins, or Walnuts. Not really into goat’s cheese? Cream cheese will also do in a pinch. Or want a vegan alternative? There’s vegan cream cheese–or alternatively, you can’t go wrong with substitutes like hummus. Here are some other ideas for jazzing up your celery sticks:

  • Crabmeat and mayo or cream cheese
  • All-natural peanut butter, honey, raisins
  • Hot sauce, cream cheese, blue cheese
  • Cream cheese, sour cream, cranberries, walnuts
  • Mayo, cheddar, pimentos

Serves Just You. Treat Yo'self.

Washington Crosses the Delaware

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • 1x 300g Ready to Eat Packs
  • 100g of goat's cheese
  • ¼ bunch of black grapes
  • ¼ bunch of tarragon, picked


  1. Wash, pit (if necessary) and cut the plums or grapes into quarters. Go fancier if you like. Cube them, slice them, whatever works
  2. Spread cheese onto sticks. Our packs are ready to eat! Chop if necessary
  3. Assemble fruit and herbs onto cheese
  4. Enjoy! Don’t eat them too quickly now