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Oct 05
Pantone Celery

Pantone Celery

Did you know there’s a Pantone Celery colour? It’s 14-0647 TPX, the yellowish green colour above, and we’re really not sure it adequately expresses the vibrant colour of fresh, raw celery. If the celery you see on sale is this colour, you probably should keep browsing.

What’s Pantone, you might ask? It’s an American company best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), a colour space that’s commonly used in printing that allows designers to match colours at the production stage of a design, regardless of equipment on the printing side. It’s a system that’s widely used around the world by designers and printing houses. Many of the mass-produced items you see in the market (packaging, posters etc) are printed with Pantone inks. And you might have seen Pantone-branded cups, books, and more in hipster stationery shops. Hopefully Pantone will add more (and fresher) Celery hues someday!

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