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Jun 16

The Classic Crunch Time

You can get crunchy almost anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless, but a few of our favourite times to get your crunch on with some celery Snackin’ Stix include:

  1. Probably the most obvious crunch time is whenever you walk past a jar of peanut butter
  2. Lunchtime or recess at school – Snackin’ Sticks are the perfect addition to your little one’s lunch box because they’re rich in nutrients and have outstanding hydrating properties making them brain food for thought!
  3. On a drive, long or short – Fill up the car with petrol and fill up your belly with celery. By the time you arrive you’ll be ready for action and on top of the day before it gets on top of you
  4. It’s great to snack on while you walk, whether it’s to work, on your break or with the dog. We guarantee it’s a combination like no other – fresh air, a touch of light exercise and a refreshing, crunchy bite that’s well known for aiding joint health
  5. Deadlines are fast approaching or you’re just stressed? Well it’s definitely time to pull out a stick since they’re full of magnesium which helps you to calm down and remain focused on the task at hand
  6. Pre-dinner snacks – Trying to hold off till dinner but the stomach grumbles have already begun? Celery sticks are your answer to a quick fix that will keep your hand out of the cookie jar and won’t overwhelm you before a meal.
  7. Put the crunch in your crunches – Celery is full of natural goodness that helps reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. Have a quick and hydrating snack before a gym session. Celery is has over 95% water content. Or enjoy some as a post gym guilt free reward
  8. Grabbing a few things to bring over to a friend’s or family’s get together? Don’t leave celery out, they love any chance to get together with some Philly Cream Cheese or really any dip and we promise they’ll impress everyone’s tastebuds.
  9. On a study break or racing between lectures? This calls for an emergency stash of Snackin’ Sticks! Thankfully the 90g Snackin’ Stix are an ideal size to fit in most bags!
  10. Has homework or work followed you home and threatening to invade your downtime? We bet you need a tiny boost and you guessed it – eat some celery! It won’t leave you in a food coma and it’s a guilt free snack so you can rest easy when bed time rolls around!

But ore importantly, how do you get your crunch on?



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