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Aug 01
celery pets inclusive snack

The Inclusive Snack

Celery can be an inclusive snack that’s great fur everyone… even the four legged/feathered/furry members of our family.

Some things just don’t mix with our pets. Expensive shoes that meet the teeth of our beloved Fluffy, who just happens to be teething. Poor baby. Poor shoes. The chocolate block left on the couch that’s now disappeared and Rufus is suspiciously under the weather. (Note: if you do suspect that your pet has eaten something it really shouldn’t have, it’s time to speed over to the vet. Now. Stop reading this post. You can come back to us later.) Is there something of yours that you can willingly share with your furry best friend? The answer is yes. Celery is the answer to not only your well-deserved crunchy fix, but also your pets’.

It’s packed full of the antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre for their healthy insides, coat, and teeth. Making your own pet food–like stews–is a healthy alternative to the cans and sachets often filled with Unidentifiable Foreign Objects: and can be an ethical alternative too. You might think that we’re just talking about rabbits and guinea pigs but believe it or not, it’s also a great addition to your dog or cat’s nightly meal. You just can’t beat it for a superior source of fibre keeping your pet’s digestive system strong–within reason.

It’s for everyone, big and small! Celery’s believed to be beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritic conditions, as well as a cancer preventative. For rabbits, 15% of their food they eat should be non-leafy greens and this is where celery comes in. Anything crunchy is important for rabbits and guinea pigs as it keeps their chompers down.

Need more ways to add this to their diet? One genius way to cool your pet down in summer and keep their diet inclusive of nutritious goodness is to make popsicles with celery or treats inside them. Chickens are especially susceptible to the heat and curious little creatures, which makes this a perfect way for them to beat the heat while scavenging.

Cat, dog, rabbit, chicken, guinea pig–everyone can enjoy Lamattina celery! Note: some pets may require specialised diets given their age, breed or circumstance. We recommend discussing nutrition with your vet, and of course supplementing any celery treats with a well-rounded diet, whether of home-made petfood or reputably branded petfood.









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