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Jan 25

The Alternative is Parsnip

The alternative is parsnip! Did you know that you can use parsnips as a substitute for various veggies, such as potatoes, in mash, chips and more? They’re lower in calories than potatoes and higher in fibre, and are creamier and sweeter in taste to boot. Jazz up your weeknight dinners or make something a little different for your Sunday roast. Here are some of our favourite replacement recipes:

  • Chips. Parsnip chips are amazing, but don’t take our word for it, give these a go. Baked instead of deep-fried, it’s a healthier alternative to french fries, while being sweeter and creamier in taste. You can spritz up our recipe with some chilli powder, or paprika, garlic powder, or whatever you like. Give it a whirl! We don’t feel it needs a dip, but if you like dips, you wouldn’t go wrong with a semisweet tomato chutney or gravy.
  • Hummus. Yes you can make hummus out of parsnips! It’s a creamy, yummy alternative take on one of our favourite dips. Eat with our fresh celery sticks, or breadsticks, or whatever strikes your fancy. Yum!
  • Mash. Parsnip mash pretty much works the same way as potato mash. Peel, boil in salted water until tender but not disintegrating, and mash with warm milk and butter to taste. Add nutmeg, cumin, or roast garlic or go simple with salt and pepper, whatever you like. How much milk and butter? We usually go 150ml to a kilo of parsnips, and 100g of butter. Use more or less as you like.

Image from Taste (x).

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