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Oct 25
parsnip desserts

Parsnip Desserts

Parsnip desserts for people with a sweet tooth – here’s a collection of the most indulgent, yummy parsnip desserts around, from some of the best chefs out there. You might think it’s odd to have parsnip in a dessert, but parsnips have been used in sweets for centuries, especially in puddings. After all, they’re naturally sweet, and have a more-ish taste if cooked right.

Parsnip Cake

We’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off, and its winner, Nadiya Hussein, has a seriously good Parsnip and Orange Spiced Cake. It’s a layer cake that’s gluten free to boot, and doesn’t even take that long to make. Recipe via Nadiya:

Now, before you say it – yes, there are parsnips in this cake. My parents love a good carrot cake, but when it’s the only thing they ask me to bake because they are not adventurous enough for much else… well, I had to change it up just for my own creative sanity. Carrots may give colour, but parsnips add a similar flavour and sweetness with a whole lot more fragrance, so this isn’t as bold and daring as it might sound from the title. It’s a moist and delicious cake, and an excellent alternative to carrot.

Spiced Parsnip Cupcakes

Martha Stewart needs no introduction, and her Spiced Parsnip Cupcakes recipe makes for a delicious snack, whether in the office or in a lunchbox, or at breakfast:

These rich, moist cupcakes take everything you love about carrot cake to the next level, thanks to the sweet spiciness of parsnips and warm, fragrant cardamom. We took a page from the carrot cake playbook and paired these cupcakes with a classic cream-cheese frosting.

Yum! Our fresh parsnips are easily available from your local Woolworths. Happy eating!

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